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as a rule, to interrupted currents, the positive pole being placed over the

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Colleges admitted into partnership, just as the manoeuvring of

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erated by the micro-organisms paralyzes the vital nerve-centres of

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show that very severe operations may be performed on the stomach under anti-

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ing certain amounts for certain diseases, this kind of

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the direct damage to the braiu itself. Every surgeon

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And that the author of this article Is not an obscure, bumble coun-

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sugar-producing function of the liver is increased, its production of bile

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The corpora striata and the thalami nervorum opticorum

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Nervous System, 1882, p. 301. — 5. Charcot and Joffroy. Arch, de Physiol, vol.

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Esthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in Animals," and ''A

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Retention in TTtero of the Dead Foetus, considered particularly with

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right side of the heart and the mass of tissues described. It hap[)ens, as

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.Action of Jlmmonia on the Vaccine. — BI. Nauche, of Paris, has given an

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nexion subsisting between adjacent cells was first elearly

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vorkommenden Malaria-Erreger, nebst einigen Fieber-

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The MRI findings of tendinitis are thickening of the

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as well as cases in which it had been successfully applied.

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exceptional fog will exercise a permanent influence upon our

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as far in efforts to elevate the standard of medical

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cent, alcohol for half a minute; wash thoroughly in water;

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Occasionally a cyst filled with a clear fluid may form.

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ination revealed a slight turgescence of the inferior turbinated

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upon the question whether the act has been one of homicide or suicide. In

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