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droplets, which appear to be able to fuse together, but which at times

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cases which are quite hopeless from the beginning, such,

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Properties.— Has the well-known yellow color ; soft, very malle-

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latitude, a proper exposition, a right direction of mountain ranges, combined

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the patient's knowledge. The vectis is seldom used; but I believe that

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LotoeU Medical Association. — By the rules and regulations of. the asso-

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there are also large sources of national wealth which are practically

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fered still more from indigestion, characterized by intestinal

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ducing " an immune serum of at least sufficient potency to be useful

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The discomfort is insignificant, and when properly done with a sterile

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one case, and bacillus mucosus capsulatus in one case

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which their microscopical specimens'' were prepared. It is also true

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Causes. — By striking the foot with great force against any

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their means." One landlord who has houses which he lets out, by the

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immediate cause of many cases of mania and dementia, of nearly all the instances

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joints may be painted with iodine (F. 197), and then

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entire incontinence of urine, following rapid delivery without instru-

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catarrhal state of the tympanum, (if such state co-exists) alto-

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to accomplish significant national reform long after the

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sclerites, while a pear-shaped axial apophysis projects forwards freely from

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vises to open hydatid (or echinococci hominis) cysts

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diseases as Liebermeister did toward the end of the nine-

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is likely to deny this with regard to small-pox and scarlatina,

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inserted. Carbolized dressings were then applied. A moderate quantity of fetid pus

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Ox Wednesday, the 12th inst., Mr. Lo Gros Clark operated

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