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A Text-Book of Practical Therapeutics. By Hobart Amory
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includes a range of " Tabloid " medical equipments for travellers
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this heart-failure, you may during the first part of the second stage of
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tervals corresponding to the presence of the special conditions
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The air passing between the electrodes must be dry, otherwise osids
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brous, crystalline, translucent masses, which on exposure give off
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medical sul)ject was awarded to John Marshall, oi Pa.
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excretions being retaken as nutriment. ^ Routh has published his experience on the
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in strangulation. In this, as in other cases of asphyxia,
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the cause of my retii-ement from the late contest for the vacant
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or shock, they will often bear much larger doses than could
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this field of research sufficiently attractive to secure such
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at the bedside, providing little opportunity to observe
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As is very generally known, the late Professor Goodsir was for
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part. All agreed that a fracture might in this case have been caused by a
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logy, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. 3rd. The critical study
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urethra being slit sufficiently to allow a free opening), the
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rather severe diarrhoea. He had lost his i was present to fix the attention on the
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The idea of keeping the fetus small by starving the
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applied to the cardiac region, and a calomel and opium pill to be taken every six
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longer than four days. The temperature at the close of or
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method will certainly not recommend itself to those who
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If the discovery had been a new explosive for purposes of warfare the gov-
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the patients not being- seen personally but treated by letter.
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the psychological and neurological phenomena observed
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minute quantity of dilute tuberculin into the dermis. Stokes goes
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times. A patch of eruption was curetted and bouillon cul-
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observed in conditions where active hemolysis is probably not taking
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should be instantly removed to allow the cast to be
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than that atforded by tlie latter remedy. The theory of the excellent re-
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with the ansemia there is a marked reduction in the haemoglobin, always
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was restricted. The placing of the attendants was entirely within the
mixing grapefruit with valium
severe but endurable, and are almost unfailing symptoms. Headache
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very quickly in cultures, and must be transplanted daily. Its

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