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peculiar as relating to one symptom. Only in exceptional cases, where

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when in pain; it relieves any part which has been bruised; soflcns indurations

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tient di;ninished the qtiiintity of lemonade, to take, from time to

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liberty to the patient that could not be enjoyed, had the latter

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communicating with the mucous surfaces of the Fallopian tubes ;

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Renal Function in Pernicious Anemia as Determined by Dietary

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Xever, as you value the life of your infant, should you unnecessarily

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In the second formula, in the first column of page 294 of The

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Assistant Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. Oblong 4to, cloth, Illustrated with

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X, 220-228. — Allingham (H. A.) A new method of per-

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ington, D. C, May 8, 1907. The work was aided by the Rockefeller Institute

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the treatment. Others want gum, while cigarette, cigar

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gnant jaundice. There is no ascites, but haemorrhages are

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l'6pileps. [etc.] 1888, Piir., 1889, ix, 28-38. — Chaltiu.

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Reaolvedy By the Lapeer, St. Clair and Sanilac Co. Medical Society,

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Salicylic AciD.^Individuals difEer greatly in their susceptibility

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established in nosology. Its diagnosis should be readily made

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severe colicky pain. These gastric symptoms are soon accompanied by

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as indicated. These variations cannot be defined or fullv

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their calibres being obstructed by clots, must be determined from all the

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bloody serum and numerous clots of coagulated blood,

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erysipelas. During the evening cyanosis and severe dyspnoea came on. In spite of all

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by means of a broad band of canvas or leather, fastened to

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securing early treatment for acute cases, retaining many in the area

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the author " feels competent to express an opinion " — this

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^ Othematoma, or the .Asylum Ear. H. and F. Med. Chir. Rev., No, xci.,

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system is tested objectively, it is frequently found that there is hyper-

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in the typhoid of children, and could recall but one case

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we shall next perceive the evidences of their reaction," that

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