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speed, and extended surfaces of the balloon; and characterised

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of the left lung. Dr. Shattuck, Jr., related the case. — The patient was a

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risen to this point the subjects were breathing as rapidly and as deeply

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been recorded in which more than one member of the same family has

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spoken of holds out decided advantages in those oftentimes equi-

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Clinically, xanthin sediments are of interest only in so far as this

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extension of surface that, until consolidation takes place, the cranium

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3. Ethyl h'omide has of late years been brought rather

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farther backward and upward by the inflated intestines.

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tion present is found in the shape of shreds in the urine, the detection of the

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two and a half hours ; at four months to three hours, and so

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bav. k morsk. .sborniku, St. Petersb., 1889, pt. 2, 245;

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Andromeda lies within the triangle determined by these three points;

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years before, after which she began to have severe pain in the back

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Dr. Cartledge on the presentation of this subject, and believe it is a

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the rapidity of the electric fluid by a very interesting experiment,

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had to leave off on account of falling frequently and

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ilive has become exploded in modem days. It ia stated that, in some

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pendent” fasting variables made the use of the stepwise-

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exhaustion. After several consultations with my medical friends, it was decided

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the abdomen, and finding we are in error, or for any cause can

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be thought to be typhoid fever, generalized tuberculosis, or some obscure

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expressed to me much gratitude for the •■ drops,'' which «ave

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is, for example, rarely mentioned whether the sections were taken from

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time to study and observation, and I have heard the report

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should be removed and the skin rendered sterile. The whole of the

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Health heard of her arrival and requested a medical

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losing a day from duty until July 3, 1863, n. c., in 1907. The subject of his address

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de France, selon le reglement : separes par des rideaux par decence,

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reported, and there can be no doubt as to the value of deduc-

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with simple carbolic acid and water dressing, one part to sixty.

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