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debate, the whole question of rationing of health services, of estab-
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panions to your unequdled " Artificial Legs." After many years
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After a very careful examination of the man's description of the
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different organs in this disease. Cultures were made in the or-
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tion of the Branches. After further remarks the sense of the
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favorable case for ovariotomy, at time of full develop-
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hard wood stick, and wet it with water and rolled it in the salt,
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and instriTCtive, that we have resolved to defer the
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Newman, Robert, 68 W. 35th St., New York, New York Co. OriginaL
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Two hundred and fifty-five, in the experiments of Pre-
griseofulvin for tinea versicolor
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and medical technology continue to advance, it remains essential
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and that it should be given at long intervals, say of from eight
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the other, there is no defined point on pressure, if two tu-
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Sec. 5. In the open sessions of the Association, it is not intended to
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He remained in the Home five weeks after I had applied this
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relapse, but as a primary attack with intervals of months or
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ahenations ; and when especially we note the condition of the
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Medical Department of University of PenuJiylYaiiia. 122-2t
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I wish to offer a resolution of thanks to Dr. Samuel W.
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cures have multiplied so rapidly as to preclude the men-
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who lacks the judgment when, and the knowledge how, to bleed
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One of the most constantly recurring conditions of tis-
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§3 S S % ! cS S g 3- s i- 1 1 1 3 * ? Is i s ■ s
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sity of using the catheter. The fullness of the bladder
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expect any bad effect on the cliild. During the contraction of

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