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9ft their return empty with the valves in good condition. Full description of Inhalation and Enema apparatuses wito OlreGtWQE

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be taken to give it as directed. It is supplied in ounces ; also in tablets and pills.

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H and I. Details of steps shown in E and F after method of

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special manufacture, receiving the highest prizes at late European Expositions.

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phenomenon. But the term is usually restricted to some particul.ar

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C. B. Bringham, R. B. Cole, Levi C. Lane, J. Rosenstirn, SAN FRANCISCO

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SENSO'RIUM COMMU'NE. This is a place in which, as in a

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dend of antibody since that amount of type specific

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NOSE. A^asus. The organ of smell. It is composed superiorly of

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communicated directly or indirectly from them to man. When ther

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Asepsis in Von Bergman's clinic, methods of carrying

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Joseph (1950); J. Milton Singleton, Kansas City (1950); Paul

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branes of the body, as the mucous membrane of the stomach and of the

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K AT ALE'PTIC A (K’aTaXTi'TTTiKov, able to keep down or check).

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NOTE.— Avoid substitutes— in shape of the commercial article bottled— unfit

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optic disc is the termination of the optic nerve, as it enters the sclerotica.

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an arrest of the circulation througli them. Oblite7'aiio va/-icu 7 /i is

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ture is not affected; the black ball, on the contrary, absorbs all the

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water, 3 pints. Eight pints of proof spirit are, however, not produced ;

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proposed by Regnault, and considered to be the most valuable instru-

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Hence we hear of sitfenc bodies and sideric power. The former are

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Thoroughly equipped for all the approved therap>eutic measures. Insulin, metrazol and

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4. Liquor enterirus {ivTtpn, \.\Q bowels). The natural secretion of

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articular rheumatism, &c. Pneumat-arthrosis is a better term.

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the corpus spongiosum. Cliaussier termed it Indlm-urethralis.

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PTO'SIS (irTtotris, prolapsus, from iritrTui, to fall). A falling of

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