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burning sensation than an itching. (4) The crusts are
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and fell to the ground before securing refuge in the water-
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J. Syphilitic Aneurysm. — This group includes cases of syphilitic arteritis
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affected by diffused calculi for any operation to be of service ;
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rheumatism in a child may be so slight as readily to escape detection,
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cases when the arc is described behind the auditory mea-
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sanguine congestion produced by the stimulation of the sensa-
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“Can you tell me anything about the jobs they will have
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ijivaOfis, " cui insunt affectus sen perturbationes ;
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pounded, viz., that rigidity depends upon a diminished
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matters appear to them in a seductive light is the veil
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fever. We sent her back and isolated her. The rash disappeared
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passage through the pulmonary vessels, and there forming a
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ing or welling from the ears, although in all there was hiem-
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may die out spontaneously or be overgrown by another, whence in some
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sition of the muscle in question simulates, if it is not so in
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result of the examination. As a usua,l thing- it is
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legs, and in twenty-four hours he was able to move some muscles down
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with the exception of a little blood which drained from the muscles below
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before he can lift on it and shovel, as with the other
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figure; three or four of the family had died of consumption; she had been six
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Joseph W. England informs me that at the Philadelphia Hospital
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It is called a medico-surgical (and they might have added
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•' rythmic wave of plenitude and tension of the arterial system,
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consumptive with a healthy person must lead to the infec-
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septic constituents of thyme, eucalyptus, mentha and gaul-
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tion between the arterial and portal currents than in the normal
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coordination. A child who is disabled either by the conditions de-
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therapeutic benefit has been derived from the same drugs.
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composed of a tube, at each end of which is a plano-convex lens with its
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before the general powers of the system are much reduced. It may be

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