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death, we find — From the immediate impression of the operation 2 ;
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teers during the Spanish war, and was at one time Inspector of drugs
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and a communication was established with the cavity of
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esteemed President, Dr. Andrew Buchanan. They recall
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operation is finished. The first stool after the operation Sb-
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effects of the pulmonary disorganization do not cease here ; the
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firmer and denser than normally, and often adherent to the adjacent
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Doctor Schoenbechler graduated from the Marquette Uni-
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ing or maiming him, it is difficult to see why the interference with his
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in some way indeiwndeutly of chemical chiuiges in the ingesta. The accu-
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Among the various differences of patients, difference
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the medical world ; and with the above facts staring us in the lace, I
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lows: (A) 1. The excitation of the motor zones provokes a simple, not
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Susceptibility can be tested only by vaccination, but befor^
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arterial changes. It was not often a factor in causing
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the arteries are often thickened, and there is hyaline degeneration of
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for membership after one year from date of expulsion, and on the same terms
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this predicament ? For if he told the truth he could
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a flagging and irregular heart, peculiar fruity odor of the breath, and
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falls in 24 hours were 1.70 inches on the 19th, 1.23 inches on the
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more common in advanced years, and are found in many people who have
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why must not be ovei-looked if we are to have in minJ tEe
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course. Sphygmographic records have been employed to analyze
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with the tendon sheaths, and without injuring the latter.
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24th , temperature of axilla, evening, 105° F.; 25th, morning, temperature, 104^.5 ; evening,
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W. C. Baynes, Esq., M,A., read the minutes of the last meeting
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ointment should be made of such a nature as to readily melt at the
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(Mean weight/age z score = -1.50, mean height/age z
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1 from thoracic inflammation and abscess in the course of the artery ; one from
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all the good that could be done would be to prevent further deform-
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aminations made at the Prague institute for pathological anatomy,
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the vascular condition of these parts, their rich endowment with lym-

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