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Sztarovcszky of 20 years standing; another for ordinary
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circumstance of colour. Let the fluid part be passed
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under which it seemed as if no force of human vitality would
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of stiffness of the fingers of the right hand; later, of pain along the inner surface of the
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down to the lower edge of the sixth left cartilage, and almost to the tip of tlie ensiform carti-
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effused a considerable quantity of an adhesive plasma, which interstitially and
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which is termed the oocyst. The zygote is thus a nucleated cell
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on the removal of which all the symptoms passed off. The antrum
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he returned to bed, but only to arise and repeat the movement.
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diagnosis of such cases may rest on tliese facts : if the
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S'. Marylebone Parish.— Mhvdi J. Br-ll, M.E.C.S.E., L.S.A., to the St.
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is acquitted by a jury on the ground of insanity the trial court
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during defecation and loss of blood ard mucus. Anae-
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6pileptiques. Ibid., 1893, 9. s., v, 57-62. . Note sur
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.Action of Jlmmonia on the Vaccine. — BI. Nauche, of Paris, has given an
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Tr. Am. Ophth. Soc, Hartford, 1897-9, viii. 428-130. Also:
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sion often to refer in glancing at the origin and early history of
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skatoxyl-potassium sulphate. The influence upon indoxyl-
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This will aid in relieving the organ. In some cases it is neces-
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sprain in which for nine weeks the patient was unable
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The form of wards may be either square or oblong ; if square,
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less extent ; 3 cases were complicated with a fissure

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