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perity. They are as one with their patients, and in I
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I have known myself, in Canada and elsewhere, men of the
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interesting account of the Elmira Reformatory, in its paper on
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v ' in Abdominal Surgery, New York City, occupies a representa-
by the evidence of unusual ability which it displayed.
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in Women from Tipping — A Pseudo Rheumatism;" " Chills from
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slow movement, the auricles most active, and all the cavities
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Robert T. Morris received a liberal classical education at the Hop-
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so, that is, requiring but brief experiment to establish their value,
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insufficient. Extirpation entails injurious damage to a
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might be expected under these circumstances, the essay gives a
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continuous, is to be preferred. Haemostatics are only of use
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liberal in his views, and possesses a goodly share of mag-
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the table of contents and in the index ; doubtless an odd typo-
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caused by, some form of uterine irritation ; and careful inquiry in
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"Human Histology" (616 pp., 1854) brought him much fame, being
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active amoeboid motion ; they are able to penetrate through the capillary walls,
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Relations," by G. E. Waring, jun., is worthy the closest attention,
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and leads very often to diffuse, putrid, or gangrenous inflamma-
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Sea-Baths as a Cause of Ear-Disease. — The " Medical
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corresponding point on the opposite side. Using scissors curved
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the metallic probe to the electric exploring apparatus, have
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mals, such as the rabbit, cat, dog, frog, and tortoise. These
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however, it is a good and safe practical rule not to consider any
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impossible without their aid ; but I very seldom resort to them.
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The sponge should be dry ; but, before use, the linen cover may
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valid, but we cannot do without opium, nevertheless." It may be
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controlling vomiting, will indeed delay the paroxysms on its first
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the victim, or makes him more helpless and hopeless. A vast
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gave internally veratrum album and arsenicum iod. alternately.
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hydrochloric acid often cures them. Carbo vegetabilis is useful
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and Obstetrics on the Part of the Gynecologists," " Fads

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