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The free flow of greenish fluid had evidently entirely relieved the engorged

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atropine having a stimulating influence on the intracardiac inhibitory

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state the contents of the intestine above the part involved, and when vomiting

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ules associated with actinomycosis while fine needle

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neither a relative nor living-in, 2 a live-in non-rela-

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Dr. PfiAN, in vol. Iv. of the Surgical Clinics of the Hospital St. Louis, con-

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nephrectomy, it may be stated that three lumbar operations have been per-

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did he suffer as much pain as he often suffered from protrusion before the

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authenticity of opinion or statements made by authors

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for persistent cough and shortness of breath. He had been seen

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The darker line represents the osseous ridge of the nose, whilst the

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influence. This influence, together with new experi-

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cremaster and abdominal reflexes and the knee-jerk were normal. The latter

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monplace cases are disregarded. Again, the operator may have acquired

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carpet at his workplace. He was referred to an orthopedic sur-

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Call the TMF Impaired Physician Program at (615) 385-3319; outside Nashville call

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