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This gave a low index No. 1, namely, 73.7, which should

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was no hemorrhage. In one. Volkmann says, "a severe

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paratively recent period that it has been accepted as a

dapoxetine directions

the myocardium, but .only temporary embarrassment. The

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7. Some Unusual Features of Appendicitis and Their Treat-

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interest in sanitary reforms, and the legislature of

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Medical Association of Kontana. — The twenty-second an-

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Orleans, and granted licenses to practice to 70 of the 95 appli-

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were found moderately adherent, but otherwise appar-

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New York. We have in New York the typical organization. It Is

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emoglobin. He further states that when granular pig-

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England are very instructive. In 1887, 217 deaths oc-

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mencement of aspiration the pressure was +2.1 cm.; at the

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term for this committee Instead of one. Seconded by Dr. L. R.

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All information regarding the examination will be given by the

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the only way of attaining definite data as to bacteriology

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packing carried still higher up into the cervical canal. Where

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139 Fecal or Intestinal Fistula. Wilfred O. Fallck.

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General Executive Committee, etc. This motion was sec-

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Appropriations for charitable institutions are called for

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fbe Mississippi Vall«r Branch, Indndlng tbe Northern States West

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societies have been organized in every state and city,

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It will thus be seen that I have collected, including

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0. H. Radkky, M.D., Manor, Texas; to Miss Sadie Hewlett,

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of anthrax, were its cause. This, as some of those before

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valuable time is consumed in the delivery, and much

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of cancer is yet a sealed mj'stery. The problems of tene-

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aid in the early diagnosis, though he has himself as yet been

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the uterus and its adnexes are of gonorrheal origin,

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opening may be made into the peritoneal cavity just to

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as to overshadow the original trouble. There is little

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this disease occurs. Purpura may be confusing in very severe

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have had a chance of success. In case of suspected transfor-

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posterior and middle antero-posterior is 1.23 cms., or

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taneous. The cases requiring operation were delivered by high

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