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if not irretrievably, injured by the fatuous ambition of a

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development seems to be analogous to that of rarefy-

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sufficient to excite it in those who are predisposed through age or

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her to her bed for three weeks ; since then there has been gradual

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to the fact that some cells have escaped the action of the rays or

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The two lesions are therefore regarded as estiologically

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eighth vertebra. This man had been found lying dead in his

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from their appearance of about the same date. It was

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labour, the pains having become still more energetic, the head was suddenly

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should dictate appropriate therapy and especially secondary

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action, in some cases of an abnormally short mesoap-

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In the apoplectic state consciousness may be partially or entirely lost;

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in the treatment of pains proceeding from diseases decidedly

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cautious in recommondini; this line of treatment to others,

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Abe A., aet. 17, ice man by occupation, entered the

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with some resulting sclerosis. The s\Tnptonis are then practically the same

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yet the total number of living organisms in the world does not

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the ship for supporting human life — where dry goods could


interests lay in this great populous district of Glasgow. A man

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sometimes clear and sometimes opaque, yellowish, and thick.

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bation, may have had to do with its origin. Various infectiAX processes

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It is reasonable to suppose that none of our readers are

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and the leg partially straightened ; but because of the

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not propose to occupy your time with any reference to

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quiry home to the lair of the evil, and discovered a

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seen ; the attacks of pain had recurred more or less regularly, and had

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and in its centre a rather deep ragged-edged ulcer. The

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unpleasant feelings; that her complexion immediately

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