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therefore properly admissible in evidence. — St. Louis &

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Annals of Surgery^ Dr. Dawbarn stated his opinion that

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liery explosion. Bristol M.-Chir. J.. 1897, xv, 23.5-2.37. —

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preparation made by taking up a small drop of exuding blood on a cover glass and

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to be very robust and healthy. Five grains of arsenic was

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The character of the breathing undoubtedly has an important

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will induce a state of unconsciousness, but as no cause of

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tomycin and sulfadiazine. It has been of interest to

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d sometimeB the cones, are devoid of blood, or aniemic. The surface is

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Simple extraction was performed in seventy-nine of the

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of them upon the meat ; pound the herbs, strew a little over

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It has been agreed that the Arts Faculty will bear two-

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and soft, and shows a corpus luteum. The tip of the

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phur ointment (gr. xv to xxx in gj of lard) is also much praised.

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air of patients suffering, some of them, from the very

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August U, 1893. To rejoin station. August 22, 1893. Detailed

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tissue. It results from valvular lesions also, and may be secondary to

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who had died of pneumonia, and who had had swelling

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Anti-Chicken Titer of the Sera. Hemolysis. — 0.25 cc. of inactivated serum in

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benign disease. The nervous troubles and delirium need cause no alarm,

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been dressed with tepid water and the patient has continued to improve

does valium work straight away

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The corpora striata and the thalami nervorum opticorum

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condyloid plane. This line, 2-2 — which may be called the fronto-

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Intemship/residency, University of Arkansas Medical for

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they present little erosions of a rusty yellow colour. Sometimes portions

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commissioned by the President to fill existing vacancies in

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there has been abstinence owing to disease in the throat and difficulty of

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its more successful application to practice. And it is but justice to

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