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Path. Soc. Phila., 1898, xviii, 350.— Salgu (J.) Az epi-
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consisting of six cases, the author found that benzoic acid afforded no relief, whilst
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Society was estabhshed in 1858, with the object of publishing essays,
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cotemporary with the diminution of the substance in the blood noticed by
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found to spread uniformly between the folds, and after th^oroughly
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to the etherial fluid, there can be no doubt that by this very
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»» ■■ ' tendency to operate at the cutaneous pores . 274
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different times and under various conditions is prob-
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ness of consistency although it is yielding, and somewhat brittle
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pains, rigid in region of appendix, with nausea and vomiting. Temperature.
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stances on cliemical or microscopical examination may still cause dis-
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capillary, partly forming true lacuna) between the fat cells, and a pro-
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If a patient Tvith a palpable enlargement in the region of the spleen
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lymph gland swelling, it is often very difficult to decide whether one has to
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side, then on the other, and then dissect the tumor from the tissues
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which may sometimes be productive of the utmost mischief by inducing
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body, apparently suspended in the mucoid basis substance.
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had gone into solution. It was acid to phenolphthalein and litmus,
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Extract of Suprarenal Oland. — This drug has two important
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sufficient. He relates the advantages which he has obtained from the
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it; at the same time, it reduces and regulates the pulse: thus showing that
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Tuuscles of the back of the neck were spasmodically affected; the
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shoulder sometimes comes on early. The course of sarcoma of the thyroid
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guage readily appreciated, was written doscientific stuff inevitably to be distrib-
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reached as to one variety of food, the desire of taking more is reproduced
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