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parations have been begun, and " hvely and pleasant expectations " of the

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signs of disease, the vibrio may be obtained from the faeces. These

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Board of Health of the State of Michigan, for the fiscal year

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Berzelius, but he should have made a distinction between this and the

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solution of creolin in 48 hours (Eisenberg). It is also stated that

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kinds of fibres, and it is not under the control of the will. It has

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He seemed to be compelled to retouch any article which he

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are arranged in such a manner that the transverse arch of the foot

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firmities of his great age and the pangs of disease, he

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proposition. Simon Baruch, of New York, is the apostle

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As a rule they require merely tonic treatment. They recover in the

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amount of free, amber- colored fluid escaped from the

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must of necessity act as sanitary engineer. In every community the

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nerve cells show the lesions described by observers,

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to a lower stage of development, the tendency will be to arrest

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front of the centre of the jjupil. (See Fig. 1 of the ac-

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Three-eighths or half-inch rope, on side of wagon, ft 150

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offer is separate and distinct, and if you want either one, cut it out of the

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seemed to aggravate his sufferings. This was his condition in

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St. Petersb., 1898, [ii], 37-47.— Fisher (J. B.) Atypical

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Bridge. Aledical Archives, vol. v., pp. 1-30, 295-300. St. Louis,

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The patient, while walking, fell, striking his right knee

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Mkdicm- HoNoiis. — At the meetinj^ of the Ikitish

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It was directed that the arm be carried in a sling during

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examination of aliens at San Francisco. September 29, 1904.

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necessitating a delay during which the nursb has time to think, rather

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phy of the peritoneal group. There was slight weakness of

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vigorous portion is likely to break away from the less

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fluid without erection or without sexual desires is a

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