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experienced apothecary, Mr Stocker, that to find a fever-patient lying on
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one occurred in the person of a female. This subject, mar-
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tion of tw3 in seven ir; the natural, and one in twentx/ in the inoculated ; but which,
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nishes 73 eg. of potassium carbonate or oO eg. of alkaline potas-
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their progress are futile; while some cases are so slightly pronoimeed
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practicing medicine in Kings Mountain j^ ^-^^ passing of Dr. Win. J. Lumsden
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forms of the socalled pernicious iover also shodd oome nndsr tm
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less likely to he seen in an early stage at a post-nun- lem examination. As
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International Dermatologieal Congress. — The second
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understood by the profession, it would be needless to discuss them here,
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into them and they become converted into petechise. The typhus erup-
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femoral vein exposed, in order that the solution of ammonia might be
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virulent as one primarily caused by the bacillus coli communis. He had
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ical, it is peculiarly adapted to all the sanitary needs of the sick-
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The tests were carried out by suspending in about 25 c c of isotonic salt solu-
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and the skin dry, the following prescription is appropriate :
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the adoption of a method which he declares is " better, cleaner, and easier."
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recur after apparently careful removal, and secondary growths
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First of all, the patient should be directed as re-
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time previously. But the disease will return. At first, a
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U.S. P. name for a clear, pale-yellowish liquid, of
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thrice daily, and the local use of Anazyme Uterine Tablets. I began the use of
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Hemiptera, from emisus, half, and pteron, wing, in allusion to
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than that of the typhoid-bacillus, it must be remembered
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to greater and greater restriction of diet, as the result of attempting to
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189.5, i, 194.— Robinson (T.) Fugitive oedema of eyelids.
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any theory of origin of tlie ring. It would be well if obstetricians would agree
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Aug. 11th. — Respiration 32, Pulse 120. Reaction better.
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