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terium termo and the bacillus tuberculosis, but they also

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hap ; he accordingly turned the bowel round, so as to get well

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tends to the spread of knowledge, and knowledge of tuber-

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period, and should be based upon accurate observations extending over

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headache, dry mouth; anaphylaxis; rash, urticaria, photo-

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tions of nerves, and others real terminations of muscular fibres.

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until he went to bed. He was found aftem^ards dead at the side of his

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200 stones were expectorated, and Portal mentions a case where

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in a case such as this bore but a small proportion to the

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tant element for consideration, and to our views, the articulata,

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2. s., vii, 560-564. — Backer (A.) Do empreso do chlor-

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of pulmonary gangrene, namely, fcetid expectoration, is usually

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per cent, solution. In the first case the tooth was ex-

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scarcely be made out from the surrounding perimetrium.

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air as possible, electricity in the form of high-frequency currents, etc.

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6, and PL 6, Fig. 1, No. 4). These are very much like (6), except

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and the phlegmatic better ; the lean and muscular also endure the

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> Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal. November, 189a.

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The importance of carefully eliciting every symptom in a complete

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also have a collagen vascular disease Available data from clinical trials of enalapril are insufficient to show that enalapril

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other, viz., prolapse of the anterior or fore part of its walls, tech-

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is no doubt that extreme degrees of tonic contraction and exhaus-

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It is better to employ it after the inflammatory stage is over.* In the

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five years to the patients of this hospital. Others

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blood-vessels to absorb substances which are soluble and diffusible, those which arc

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successful use of injections ; and not only is the rule applicable in

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change expressed by the name. The white blood-corpuscles are not in suffi-

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Tesico- vaginal fistula. Tr. South Car. M. Ass.. Charles-

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lengthening of muscles, fascia and ligaments in any

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