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to the degree of i)roducing the i)athological processes

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iiiojs have disappeared, the products of fermentation elimi-

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decomposition. The brain was of a light-pinkish colour, and fluid from de-

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appear to have been due more to personal attention than to hypnotic

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is better postponed until later in the course of the disease.

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think anesthesia, whether chloroform or ether, is something to

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tration of nourishment or medicine. It had lasted several days

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hand it is due to self-indulgence and unwillingness to take trouble, on the

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medical practice in this country, that the use of blood-letting, and of

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cathartic of calomel, from five to ten grains,* re-

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neighbor instigated the inquest, but the unworthy object was not attained,

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between the rectus and its sheath favours haemorrhage into it." He

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columns. When intracranial, the point of irritation may lie either in

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velous advances made in the technique of employing local anesthetics. Recognizing this,

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from a region m which the muscles rapidly atrophy, and in which more or

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After the clearing out of the whole popliteal space

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Normal dwellers in the intestine, colon bacilli may, under certain

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means for the treatment and evacuation of ill and injured pris-

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order to strike with the butt-end a bird which had already

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have elapsed since the operation was performed, and the case

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habit of opium-eating ; and there does not appear to be any just pretence for

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some help from his professional colleagues in the county medical society or in

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by a healthy adult, under ordinary circumstances, the act of respi-

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No little difficulty was experienced in obtaining suf-

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number of well-established facts are known to account for all

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surgeon and above all in these three conditions : The diagnosis

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hue. In less severe cases it may be seen to be covered uniformly with a

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banes with an atrophy of the joint surfaces. Schlesinger has collected sixty-

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He then refers to Graham's observations on colloids, and adduces

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one of inflammation, probably simply exudative, of the coats of the vessels or

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abnormal, except the congestion incident to a failing circulation. In a

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in diameter, without the stricture yielding one inch. The silk, not being

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