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the drainaee-tube or iodoform tents to facilitate the dis-
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If talk £'/iiou.— Thomiis Evans, 51 .B I !.S B . ! . I! C .P. Klin . to l he liriton-
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coats of the aorta opening into the heart. In 1856, Dr.
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The spirit that presides over the allotting of names to
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large number of weakly persons, and the average stamina
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when the tendons were placed on the stretch, and he
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es.tulweni semkhwenyana. Senta sengatsi singuye umkhwenyana.
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paper where the operation would be clearly indicated, examples of which
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all are alike." Further, some protoplasm, in addition to carbon,
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Royal Medical Society, to decide upon the form of this
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i^ Literary Communications may be addressed to any of the Editors. d^AII Exchanges and Buslnes*
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Comedo or blackhead is the name applied to acne when there is
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into a diseased urethral canal and safely guide them
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The diagnosis of this serious complication, which is
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only to tlie insitjnificant amount of if 1 .fiL-i.tiiJ — a very
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monstrous task. With out a thing on paper and definitely more numb now than before when engrossed with
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tleman, who had never met with any accident or injury, and in whom
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perform Csesarean section, as the patient had already lost two children
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further details in the description of each species we refer the reader
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others; and they are gifted with the power of causing chemical
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the second tabetic, and the third, for the time being, free. A grand-
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on the basis of this erroneous zoological determination, the outbreak of
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healthy tissues. It is more than probable that the Una of distinction
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by the Poor-law Board, his salary during the time of
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The flask was then placed at a window, exposed to the
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been found. Hemorrhagic septicemias, especially the form which
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ment he recommended was of special value in cases of func-
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is also felt over the upper part of left chest, synchronous with the cardiac impulse,
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employ canton flannel. But it is certainly a great mistake for any body to wear
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those who expect to be cured shall be deeply impressed,
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Harris, C. F., Ansonville, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1920 1920 1923
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The patient's pulse was good, and though he was suffer-
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