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regulate medical practice in the territory, and an act of the
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chief inspector of milk of the Board of Health of Phil-
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has composed the section on diseases of the mind. Such a
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geal cavity on the internal edge of the stemomastoid, even
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vaccinations made with diluted lymph develop just as fast as those made
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In the first place, we would most severely disapprove of administering
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lacerated, and in this condition he lived about six
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frequently met with in the interior of the of ergot. Fluid extract of ergot deterior-
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eters by means of the callipers, and to compare the results of tiie two
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particularly at night. He finds no use wiiatever for his convex glasses.
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at a point where there had been for years more or less ob-
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accompanied by very great distress. In most cases, also, an
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the varieties of worthless simplicity, cumbrous complex-
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first and most crucial step in evaluation of delirium. First,
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ful results, and am now in position to report many con-
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seated ? The answer to this question which would be given by most
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lany." A siiecial number of the Journal, devoted to
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to njonow. Omit the calomel and ipecac. 8, P.M. — Pulse 90, va-
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mannite, with which the agglutination reaction and the absorption tests
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in histology. It was prepared by dissolving one ounce of coUoi-
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and do not allow meddling nurses, or officious doctors, to convince you
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is, for example, rarely mentioned whether the sections were taken from
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Department of Nuclear Medicine. This permitted rather elaborate cross-filing
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numerously so. '' Stimulation " of the parental enthusiasm of
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to that branch of medical science. Sprung from a race prover-
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and in some instances of long-continued retention of
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case may occur out of a large number of vaccinations effected
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of the^e organisms have no known special habitat. A description
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