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future communication, giving the results of some investigations in regard to

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persons interested in medical education are invited. The rep-

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these organisms are not found in the blood of patients affected with other

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stated by the author : ist. The difficulty of diagnosis

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cranial trouble, which, upon the superaddition of the degeneration of the

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The Diagnosis requires no reference, except the observa-

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sufficient to excite it in those who are predisposed through age or

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It is probable that the misuse of this drug will now be rarer than it was

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four feet from the caecum a gray fibrinous mass covered

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assistance and facilities for operation can be obtained, we again repeat

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below the middle was curved outwards and anteriorly, form-

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these later stages, stimulating the lymphatics of the

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heart may be drawn to one or other side by the retracting lung. Similarly

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2 Schmidt und Strasburger, Die Faeces des Menschen, 1905, 2te Aufl. 225.

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^^ Dn W. W. Kef.n, of Philadelphia, agreed as to the

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(/i) From fright and other poicerfid emotions. — Many cases both of

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twenty-fourths of an inch), each of the former is less than one of the latter by -^ i.e. by

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the mesentery of the colon, although not absolutely nec-

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wards, and in the special departments of his hospital."

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strength, producing a similar variation in pulse, or an intermittent

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to 9 fluid ounces to which add 4 ounces of sugar and

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been prosperous, the health of its people would not

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stead of Ihis, the Thomsonian, if he find that nature has need of more

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bag is at first applied, which is subsequently replaced by

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distinguish between pneumonia and typhoid fever, between acute tuber-

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tics of nerve fibers in general, and it is entirely mislead-

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anatomical changes in a " pneumonic" lung or an ** apoplectic"

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less intense, and the finger imprint is more quickly obliterated. Soon the

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mysterious disease already alluded to, the " milk-sick," which is un-

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In obstruction, the vesical walls are usually diseased,

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women; H. W. Bettman, general professor of medicine; D. I.

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From all that has been said, I must conclude that, as a medicinal agent,

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eggs, living for five days only. By the end of this time the

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lie was in bed altogether for over four months, lie was

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tates the conduct of the Royal Secretary in regard to the notable question of

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