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productive of more or less deterioration of the atmosphere."
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the results" — constantly before us, offered many perplexing
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green, or almost black. * * * * xhe breathing i* usually irregular on account of
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was so heavy that the patient had to lift it over herself
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contraction of the muscular walls of the minute pul-
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down the tissue and produced the recto-vesical fistula. In this
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ing lights. How eloquently he deprecates the search for
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physician who sees it administered for the first time.
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mortality from continued fever increased to a maximum
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gained ground, until to-day it has obtained the supjiort
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acute ovaritis, then into a more chronic condition, then
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force to overcome the peripheral resistance and return the blood
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unprecedented height, bubbling up like miniature geysers; all the wells
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sions is prolonged, to days, weeks, or months. Even when the duration is
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cjst in the pelvis, vaginal drainage became necessary, the
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with corresponding betterment in the local pathological
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but a few cases perturbation of the circulation in the
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per cent, or more ; by chlorine when present in the proportion of .0008
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one hand ; in two it was spread over the fingers of both hands. In all
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braces or of tenotomy, but of exact apprehension of the
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of the great importance of making this differential diagnosis promptlT
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gradually shifting upwards from the thalami to the marginal and superadded
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regards the relative proportion of mild and malignant cases. In some
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practicing medicine in Kings Mountain j^ ^-^^ passing of Dr. Win. J. Lumsden
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Sol. Mur. Morph. ."Jiij ; Syrup, Aurantii 2ss j Mist. Scillce ~>\. .)/. ./ table-
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readily takes up HCl. and so relieves the hyperacidity.
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present. Plantar reflexes, flexor. Eight leg : Could flex and extend
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which I am constantly now obliged to do, not only on the
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dition of bleeding, which is as follows : That one of the offices
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circumstances which attend them, irrespective of any order of succession,,
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thought the question of sufficient importance in its

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