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journals, reviews, Ac. ) have so little claim to general reputation that they-
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welcome the licentiates from the stronger divisions.
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as space permits each month. Readers desiring additional
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neurol. 1892. xxiii. p. 69. — 36. Idem. Cliniques des maladies du si/strine ncrreux
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of feeling is produced sincerely to be regretted by every member who
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Influenza. — PfeifiFer has found the B. influenzce in the spleen, and
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inhibits the germ through a certain stage so that the secondary
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attended by the physicians of the county and a number of guests wer&
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the surface. The pain is most severe when it is first felt, and then it
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up and the parts united with a continuous suture of iron-
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that is causing the epilepsy. In speaking of these opera-
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There is also another circumstance, which it is essential to be aware
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hard-curdling and woman's is of the soft-curdling type. This
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excretion, the elimination of which is of the utmost importance.
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hospital, and when first seen he presented the sjrmp-
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risked in vain ; for his patient died after all. Surely a
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cranial fossa depend, as Im,rnervrumn has fully proved, on actual move-
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variably first attacked. The epidemic at Hamburg in 1892 was brought
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to pass into the milk serum. Agglutinins in milk would apparently
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sides, he did not want authorities to support his opinion.
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in close contact at the point (lesion y, Fig. 443) where pure alexia is usually local-
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suitable for adults. Watson Cheyne recommends an attempt
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a pellagrin active either in 1914 or 1915, or both years. The total ex-
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especially through the portal system. Combination with carbonic acid gas
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Bureau of Animal Industry, Seventeenth Annual Report, 1900, pp. 111-115.
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the safety and well-being of the vessel. 1. In the event of sickness on
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common and familiar enough ; but I have seen quite a
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agglutination will be co-ordinated with whatever pathological and
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not be opened remedies given by the rectum are efficacious ;
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in producing this disease. It is stated by the^ late Doctor
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such a collection might ever again be had for the asking. The cost of the
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Wakefield, M.D., Cth Dragoon Guards, eldest son of J. C. Wakefield,
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(Durin)^ the Summer Se!>sioii of McGill University, 1882).

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