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among infants in the tropics, and in nearly all respects is

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favorable circumstances produce a straightening and

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week; laboratory, 6 hours a week. It is essential that the student be well acquainted

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against the symphysis pubis, and thus favouring a slipping of the blades off

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of the optic chiasm.* It is evident that the growth

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President shall deliver his annual address, which shall be

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For the greater accommodation of the Class, a room is provided In the house of one of the Instruct-

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A. F., a delicate lad, aged twelve, employed in a telegraph ofl&ce, was

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about sixteen years of age. This boy had resided all his life

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without leaving any traces and without modifying the prog-

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sition of the muscle in question simulates, if it is not so in

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injury to large vessels, or in the course of aneurysm, phthisis, gastric ulcer,

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night until four or five o'clock in the morning, and when

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are soon lost, and there remains a simple orifice, its edges soft,

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tion in 0.7 per cent. NaCl. They were filtered before use, either

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science recognises nothing but the mutual relations and

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break up all adhesions between the clitoris and covering

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breathe through the nose. There is frequent headache especially

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soon forgotten nor easil3 T confused with the big personality of Mr. Watson

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an arrangement which is obviously sound, but which often dislocates

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scopic examination, revealed, when examined, what I believe to be

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which she was benefited for a short time, but the jaws were soon

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cal School, in the following manner : The patient having

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lar, and another coincided in this opinion, yet many of

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physician, as the fault is not to be found in him, but in the

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is pathognomonic of the specific disease. AVith this in

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tive results in the analv.sis of fats. J. Am. Chem. Soc,

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"When compared with the mortality caused by bubonic plague in

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serums and antitoxin, the French Government is invited

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recumbent position in bed immediately after the operation. Four

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