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voted in favour of some action being taken, whilst those who

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to the Italian scientist de Dominicis for having undertaken, simul-

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of various ailments. Old useful remedies are thrown aside to

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Like malaria, yellow fever can be transmitted from i>erson to per-

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and defend tlie globe from injurious pressure or spasm of tiie

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United Presbyterian Synod Hall, Edinburgh. Her Royal

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he advises an iridectomy " whenever there is a tendency to

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Typhoid fever shares with other acute infections a varying

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£i;(>0; Forensic Medicine, £600; Materia Medica, £700; Midwifery, £6ni.>.

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Medicine, Northumberland Road ; Section E in the Cam-

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have been reported from involvement of the larynx. It is a remarkably

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for a number of weeks. When it reaches above the fourth rib to the

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are taken in, while the other half — also some severe and

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affections, differing both in their cause and in their nature. Sporadic

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indications for treatment. Thus, chronic nasal catarrhs point to a

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signs diminished, till the tissues seemed normal again on the fifth

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The amboceptor is a reaction body which sensitizes the bacterium

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that without this bath I would hardly try to treat a severe case of

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We have, therefore, two certain and two hypothetical sources of

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Suicides, the legal fiction of the insanity of '17'

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focation, induced by the struggles of the patient for breath, as well as

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perature of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus were described. The

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Sir William Tcenek thought that it was quite impractic-

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is in the treatment of psoriasis, where it is often quite beneficial.

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tion. The rich valley of the Elands river is described as

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prostate, is of itself a constant source of infection by micro-organisms,

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