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typhus is comparatively rare, and the latter is perhaps never an indigenous
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Fochier (A.) La tiaction dans les apidications de for-
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was tried in the treatment of delirium tremens, were unsuccess-
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The subject of Experiment 3 became excessively irritable during the
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med. v6t., Par., v. 67, 7. s., v. 7 (1), 15 Jan., pp. 13-24, 1 pi., figs. 1-6. [W% W^.]
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the hypertrophy being, in fact, confined to the muscular
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12. Internal convolutions of the parietal lobe. 13. Upper surface of the cere-
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ease and completeness. He believed Billroth's obh'que incision,
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or waxed. Carpets give a homelike appearance to rooms, afford some
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loose and floating bone fragments. 2. To decompress,
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It Is announced that Dr. Hillings, of tiio army, is to give the
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ance of this pajxjr marks an epoch in the history of typhoid fever.
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one of the external arteries of the head is affected. Dr.
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symptoms except slight swelling of the inguinal glands. Eight
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milligramme (-Vth grain) of phosphorus. These observers thinlx-
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Foreign body in eye, 397, 408 ; degrees and diplomas,
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The truth is, that the parts first acted upon, or first touched
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to be afflicted with this malady simply because they discover a slight discharge
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sills, and few or ntme above the floors. If they are not banked above
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and under every dose, and whether g^ven in small or large
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It has been said that the sac is primarily formed from the periosteum
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an eloquent eulogium on the cosmopolitan character of
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these two solutions, and to them added pepsic- hydro-
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and volatile alkali, sometimes called the ammoniaco-magnesian
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principal of these are age, size and weight, habit, idiosyncrasy, in-
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Eustachian tubes, than to deprive the tissues of sufficient nutriment.
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cal, and experimental researches in this direction.
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fifth of a grain of morphine, with a twentieth of a grain of arsenous
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disfigured in personal appearance, excepting that they generally have
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