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the large number of persons who went to Sullivan's Island to avoid the fever

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across groups. In the x 2 tests, Yates’ corrections were used

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fever. Temperature was 101°, pulse 124°, rigors and profound

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during the week ended July 17, 1909, and during each of the preceding thr

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was quite as liable to constitutional or scrofulous caries as the'

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whether successful or otherwise, should be placed on record, so that, in the

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and as the right kidney was believed to be healthy, it was decided to have re-

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Symptoms in capillary bronchitis. The gra\4ty of the

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prominences, measuring about an inch in diameter, which, when

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and salivation as before was the consequence of two

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substance. The mind, however, was clear, and there was no headache. These

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in connection with his acid media experiments is not

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1896, iv, no. 13, 4-7.— Moore (Sir W.) Malaria and its

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During the active stage of the disease it is thus commonly of a

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the ground. In the later stages the foot becomes permanently fixed in a posi-

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struments of Maisonneuve, Holt, and others. In their prompt

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which they can record the intensity of their bodily

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agement, it should l)e our duty to 'oring intelliijent

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their service, and for many months afterward. In case

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uncler a pressure of about ten inches of water, produced

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fering from smallpox. After a few days he died. The young man who

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the nerve were used to assist in holding the approximated

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WHITE OAK — Quetcus Alba. — This tree rises from fifty

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the opening into the bronchus closed with simple drainage of the

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out that the corporations owe duties to their servants, and from

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berg’s disease, Paget’s disease of the bone, chronic

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to one of the meningeal arteries, and that a careful watch for

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Hospital, many of them in Dr. Hodges's own service, that

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supervision and control; it would prove beneficial to all concerned, and injurious

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