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Hospital for Consumption, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, the rainfall

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yjosition that this third child was born at full time, the woman must have become

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observed in more than 40 cases, only in a few of which cutaneous lesions

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neuritis include various ill - defined nervous troubles such as painful

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to an ophthalmologist for treatment, and received from

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come you. This evening formally you enter upon your novitiate

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stomach and eructations of gas. In the absence of posi-

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to let us eliminate improbable theories, and further

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even if the power of the CoUecre to <Trant the 1\LD. were

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Demand of the Age on Colleges.— Speech Delivered by the Hon. Horacb Mann, President of

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Cremation in Italy. — The number of crematories in

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this is a very different thing from inflicting pain upon

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ceived colours by this organ, she felt convinced that they were

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authorities relative to a disease brought together in this

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In regard to the effects of serum Injections, for ex-

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The bladder being finally washeel moderately clean,

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determination to bestow lucrative appointments on the senior officers of

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food or drink in question, in every x>articular case, should be carefully

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its effect on the arteries it also weakens the heart.

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to one of the inspectors constituting the board of spe-

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outed of this world before he is provided for another.'

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Transplantation in Children: The State of the Art — Lo-

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A great objection to the ura;mic theory of puerperal

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secretion: whilst the third is altogether confined to the organs

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parts of the warren, its action covers only a limited period of time,

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strength, producing a similar variation in pulse, or an intermittent

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strips of good factory, an inch wide, for the stitches. To put

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inflammation in the fellow eye. At this point, let us again

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its application causes an inflammation of the required intensity.

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degree at night, but are forced to preserve strictly the erect position.

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