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men, and that white men are admitted to the same classes. The

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annual, were well attended. Our President, Dr. D. Chester

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tropics the case seems to be different, the two maximum periods — spring and

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disposes of its ghost in just three and a half lines. Broncho-adenitis — as

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not expressing a positive decision, he seems inclined to regard this bacil-

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the back of the hock, although the annular ligament as well

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radical, and is capable of reacting with an acid to form

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only the information which he derived from his personal inquiries in the

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tions by the chemical rays, as it brings phototherapy within

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as we proceed. The action of the second condition is well illustrated

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arsenious acids, plumbic acetate, &c. To illustrate more fully the truth

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were held is unknown. They remained permissible until 1215, when

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sible, stronger than their pride in the title, Doctor of

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day after the onset there was right hyperaesthesia, followed by violent

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called epileptic ; therefore, it may be plausibly inferred that

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glaucoma were present, except marked tension of the eyeball.

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ing and unswerving resolution against a person towards whom

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and their meaning. He remained in the city for a few

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will doubtless be found desirable, in the development of sanatoria

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the meeting some supplementary information about this. Dr. Strong fought

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.\t present there are given no less than thirty such les-

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ment, and arc therefore to be preferred in cases where the care of

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thread, pin, seat or maw-worm, inhabits the large intestine, and especially the

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among children. He clearly describes the malnutrition

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pence to a shilling. They were all seated on the free edge of the intestine,

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taxis is said to be positive when the leukocytes are quickly and ener-

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gellae. These being two or three times the diameter of the body, were

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very frank to sa> I believe this woman will get well if

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current it requires two 16 candle-power lamps in circuit.

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strongest that will remain permanent. If it is attempted to keep

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over." Prognosis as to life is largely influenced by this

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teoinduction, and metabolic well-being must be met. Op-

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weeks the pain returned, with post-nasal catarrh and synovitis

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gled. In case of complete hemianesthesia involving the trunk

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organization which had been prepared to meet such a contingency never

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great quantity the characteristic discharges. The vomiting is generally

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Frederick Woolhouse, Sheffield ; Alexander Oberlin MeKellar, I, Clegg-

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