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grain doses of morphia with the effect of giving him
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tenable. Attention has accordingly been directed to the
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adjoining one wiil Mssume a like condition, though in a
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primary division, into " germinal matter," which alone is
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moplegia complete, followed several years afterward
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S. — A tablespoonful three times a day for two days.
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viride, and having had his head and shoulders pulled
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cases collected by Gross and in 3 of the author's) early
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that the 22nd Bengal N.I. was attacked on its way to Calcutta,
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Humerus, following Double Fracture; JLxcision ; Death. By Surgeon
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test. The secretary of the board was not quite satisfied with the results,
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ment in intracranial injuries. Happily the day has gone by when there
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when the nitrogen is incompletely oxidized in the phosphaturic albuminurias,
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pulse is more rapid than normal. Respiration is increased,
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bambini. Gazz. med. di Torino, 1896, xlvii, 229-237. —
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The skull is voluminous. The parietal and frontal bosses are usually
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muco-purulent catarrh discharging from right nostril. H. D. R.
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sawed within the epiphyseal lines, has shown that ossification of the epiphyses is
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Three-Dimensional Computer Analysis of Baumann’s Angle*
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2, hemorrhage ; 3, peritonitis ; 4, septicaemia or pyseniia.
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Treatment. — The hygienic and medicinal treatment must have the
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epilepsy on a job application, find out what it really means. Thanks to
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along the arm, up to her neck, along the spinal column, head and face.
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within the caecum, at the sigmoid flexure, or in the rectum. They may some-
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Cheap Literature. — The second edition of Macmillan's Foster's
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nin<{ of tilt! tirst tcrin the diploinii of baclii-lor of sci-
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hospital, it was observed, in the first instance, that the sternum was
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pleoous chorotdes, also effusion of serum, sometimes muddy, into the

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