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to that branch of medical science. Sprung from a race prover-

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thin (CseHg.Ooj), 1-2 per cent. An amorphous or crystal-

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hiZ Ttt I SQV T l d T; Th6Se s 3^Ptoms were followed by great

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this subject, and to excite a little useful discussion

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tion into practice either to prove what it is capable of in

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cases, very great, but women suffering in this way are totally

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increasing the comfort of an invalid, or one with a capricious

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To insure economy and the best results always order a full pack-

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Prodromal Symptoms: Headache, backache, gastric dis-

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fected animals as well as discharges from the carbuncles, but

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for which I simply fitted glasses in December last, has had but two

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undoubtedly take place unconsciously, both by night and by

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Fannin & Co., Grafton-street. 1868. Pp. 934, . . .169

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Then, to revert to the helpless young homo we left in the wilds of

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the abscess opened externally terminated in recovery. I do not find a well

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Jater have sunk ; and their existence seemed rather to prove,

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ue different from those in the vicinity of an abscess, and these again

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Another theory to account for the spread of infantile paralysis

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had occasion to do, caused the dysentery or severe ptyalism

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The pain is agonizing, lancinating, and shooting along the nerves

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note is more resonant during inspiration, on account of the increased

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growth but seems to favor the fermentation of certain of the carbo-

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not suitable for the treatment. Iodothyrin and thyroidin are also given in

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the mind and nervous system must, be taken into account,

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distilland changes from transparency to a madeira^tint, passing

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then be simmered for a few hours in water at a moder-

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intestinal complications, such as the development of phthisis, or of

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opening was made into it, then proceeding onward very cau-

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Magendie has shown, the connection with the medulla oblongata, to be preserved entire, and

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of motor oculi. Ordered sulphate of stiyclinia .003 t. i. d. The patient

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bovine tuberculosis may be ignored. There is no doubt

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