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tions governing the exclusion of athletes at the time

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In other words, — proportions of Maltose and Dextrins tha*

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used far more frequently than the citrate of potash; it certainly

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ill success of tracheotomy, after protracted croup, is entirely due to these

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Patholog}' in our University, Pathologist to Gartloch Asylum,

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absolutely beyond medical control get well. I again

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smaller systole and by the greater resistance in the aorta at the time of the smaller

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by the death of one of its members. As the position of

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1896, xvi, 533-541,— Shaffer (N. M.) The use of traction

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Its object, doubtless is, to place the brain and nervous system in

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most hazardous operation, most ddlfuUy performed, is

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until checked by return of cold weather. As Francis says, " While

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inversion in some instances extends far into the alimentary canal,

valium 4007

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which have brought about your present unlimited practice

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dium depressionis, excitant remedies are often required. He attaches great

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(Which some suppose the soul's frail dwelling-house)

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small intestine. The animal thus treated became thin and ansamic.

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bodies ? I have no difficulty m stating my opinion, that the evidence

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months after the operation the patient was found to be in

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the use of iodine as a disinfectant for the skin and the vaccination

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postcentral fissnral complex is made up of two seg-

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lecturer referred to the purification of water by filtration and to the great

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\arbonate of Ammonia.— The solution of this salt (sal volatile) is probably

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mate, of a mixed character, and that, while the ancient masters of Italy were

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exacerbation. He shows the relations of quantity of urine, albu-

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testine ; and the opinion has been held by some that it acts more effi-

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of sulph. of quinine have been prescribed with so much benefit; 20,

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Working with nitrous oxide at six shillings per 100 gallons, and

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