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Ipecacuanha, its eil"ects in the dysentery 238, 247, 251, 270, 2721

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windpipe. Normal temperature of sheep is 102°, pulse 45.

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breaks, and becomes an oval ulcer, several lines long. The base of

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not only cause an arrest of the normal metabolism, but

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jection,'' as mentioned under that head, in connection wdth

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padded to prevent the patient injuring himself, and the bony promin-

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through a larger collection would reveal a still greater

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in every cafe of cancer, in any part, the fame method of treatment

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Sulphate of iron, one pound to the gallon of water ; chloride of Hme, one

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ance to any attempt at motion, producing in the right

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chronic rheumatism the discrimination is not alwa^'s eas}-. The diagnos-

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Fig. 2 — Lateral view of cervical spine. Air is present in

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riety of dehrium tremens, in fact, which only can be successfully treated

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with a ribbon retractor, the operation is not difficult.

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capillaries coincident with an absorption of some of the fat, the conversion of

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open the sac." f The opening of the sac is what he was

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distillate there was always a minute amount of a yellow, gummy substance, the

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him as hard as he could to make him break his trot, but never

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Dobel's solution and later with fluid vaseline. Bell, was given

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EhnroLOGT. — In the croupous inflammation of the phaiyngeal mu-

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more unusual in those who use their voice a great deal, which would

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originating in Germany, its manufacture has been almost confined to that

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Convenience is probably the least important factor, but it is never

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physician at the Cook County Insane' Hospital, has resigned.

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with infective microbes (phagocytosis), and subserves the pur-

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specific gravity that is about normal or perhaps just a little below normal,

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ease. This he does in every edition of the Organon (par. 153, fifth edition), and

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Dr. William Hill : I readily acknowledge I have had failures. The last one

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as there is in Vienna and Berlin ; but in those two or

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to gainsay that this may sometimes produce cholera, but how could it

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that of Goldth wait,' in 1899, who collected from the literature

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the quantities of flesh-forming and heat-giving materials they

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excepting in cases of natural or artificial biliary fistula. Opotherapy of the

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of these measures produced some temporarily noticeable effect

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are being followed by the State Medical association and

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although a specific "typhous cell" has been described and

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