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Drain — Expenses incurred in complyi7ig zvith notice — Liability of

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of hydra3mic cachexia with gangrene reported by Kelsch and Kiener

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the sole cause of his trouble. And as it will be necessary

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Carroll (A. L.) The proximate cause of malarial dis-

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cold abscesses is anything but pus-producing, but is the

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ing the arm backward and retaining it there by a strip of adhesive plaster, pass

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that the two internal ligature tracks of adhesion directly counteract

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succeeded in collecting twenty-one cases. Of these only

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disposes of its ghost in just three and a half lines. Broncho-adenitis — as

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Dugan's, in a man having several hundred. This man died of inter-

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thus able to demonstrate the presence of tubercle bacilli in a fairly

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insensibility is the object aimed at. To utilize the absorbent

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a permit-slip [Begleitzettel] and under customs seal, and indeed, in so

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discomfort to the patient, in order that each and all may take

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of various fortunate circumstances, than to the medicines

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Treatment. — Treatment was carried out 18 days after inoculation

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producing narcotism and anaesthesia might seem to offer some chance of

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treatment of ulcers ; injuries and diseases of the joints,

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tirpate such a sac, and sew the edges together. In the other

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specting the rank of the Surgeon-General, U. S. Army.

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Physical examination showed that the spleen was much enlarged

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solid form of the skeleton met with in the articulated classes. It is

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between a lowered sugar tolerance and the severity of arthritis.

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can with certainty know what he is prescribing. We believe

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and had operated on seventeen males and fourteen females. The author

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of treatment entirely. It always leaves a chronic constipation.

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rennets. Now, every one knows that pigs' stomachs contain a great deal of mucus,

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prove that these delusions were the result of intra-pelvic disease, as the

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1 made inquiries as to the method of sterilization of the celluloid

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1729 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, October 13, 1891.

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were the routine of practice throughout the long attack, and proved

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cause acute suffering, which is aggravated by touching the

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virus from other calves, and sometimes with the very virus which some

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