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chosen for each patient. To nourish as much as possible in a long

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it is difficult to resist the conviction that the new ar-

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of operation itself, but only the tissues in its immediate neiglibourhood,

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a kind of artificial chorea. The phenomena she exhibits

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apparatus is to be discarded and some simple surgical

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convict us of error would be a difficult task. We venture,

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was no change in the pulse or respiration. The wound was

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of Obstetrics and Gynecology," vol. ii., William Wood &

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and enlargement of the secreting-cells. Treatment by band-

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case, does not contraindicate the use of quinine. Being lit up by

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and capable man. He was a member of the American Institute of Homoeopathy,

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tively, received 5 units of insulin before breakfast and supper and

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of old pulmonary lesion ; or, the higher temperature may indi-

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the diversified materials of conjectures, opinions, definitions^

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to do that with one of her own children years before.

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sympathicotony is not; in vagotonia there is increased carbohydrate tolerance,

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The D. B. stains readily with all the basic aniline dyes; the one

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second sound indicates aortic insufficiency. 1 Beyond this my

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phagocytic than normal ones, as well as more resistant to heat. The

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and purgative and is said to be useflil in skin dis-

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choidal ; odor and taste faintly terebinthinate. Spec. gr.

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cases by the long-continued application of escharotics ; but

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Stadee, William C. Studies on blood changes in pneumococcus

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Herbst, CME Office, St. Louis University School of Medi-

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Ment. Dis., N. Y., 1892, n. s., xvii, 461-493. Also, Re-

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This patient was of a consumptive family and now phthisis

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2. Take a clean water-tight barrel, or other wooden cask, and put into it half a

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notice the great part played by the numbers four, seven

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intercourse had never been completed and that no remedy could cure

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