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btatt AssisSant-fem-geon, vie; WiUiam Ai-msti-ong, placed upon half-pay
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impurities in water used for household purposes, and the obscure
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Roseola. A non-contagious inflammation of skin occurs mostly in
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1894. ii, 200; 244.— Cappellelli (L.) Tin c:iso di epilessia
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movement. He consulted his physician who prescribed
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the occiput ; confusion and unable to think or study all
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inv'aginated and closed by a few points of suture, are incised two
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the eases coming under observation. It we consider the
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The field I propose for you is, so far as I am aware,
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^sease, cardiac lesions, and other causative conditions, being considered.
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portion, penitently, and the whole, respectfully submitted.
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detenmned conditioi) of slight and transient albuminuria (with variations
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swers with a nod or shake of the head ; has taken some
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Under the head of vaso-motor and secretory changes we
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alkaline infections, when it is often ammoniacal, especially if the bladder is
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has been handled in the armies of the late war, and points out that, although clini-
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futhorns or thereabout ; the common sponge lies at depths varying be-
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experiment." During a time of fever epidemic he had
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Uninterrupted recovery. Child dead. Caput for first vertex.
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a microscopic minuteness up to the size of a hazel-nut or more. Histo-
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After a careful review of the different methods of treatment
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most gratifying to call to your attention the fact that
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but the chemist sought for the precious metal in vain
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room comfortably filled during his paying hours. He
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There is one circumstance in this case well worthy of note, and that
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recently tried in London, under the act forbidding tlie
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4,000 to give the actual number of red cells. If, on the con-
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Your committee recommends that this resolution not be
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a number of cases locally and he tells me that some have been
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thoroughly assimilate. It is just this class of case that
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In connection with these principles borrowed from French milita-
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