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that no effort ought to be made to disentangle them until the patient

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1899, taking the rents into consideration and deducting the cost of maintenance of the build-

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A large number of preparations of unotficinal syrups

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them all as formed in the stomach ; this substance has been called protein", a

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colour depends to some extent upon the stage at which death has occurred,

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lecting a valid sample, present to my mind even greater handicaps.

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recognition alongside of those which are constantly oc-

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would not be able to hold even an average quantity of

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diagnosis is usually made by a careful consideration of the area and dis-

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able chiefly by the decided friability of the parts. They lose

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b e uniformity, safety and pam-relievmg f. * . , .,. o- i , „ .?^ ,^„„ ,„

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have here a distinction between lesions of the cord itself and those of the

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neck of the bladder wen; rough and highly irritable, every second day for three

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would also acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Shattock for

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traction, and is followed by a Ion.:' diastolic period. This so-called pre-

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uses a solution of silver nitrate of 0.2 and 0.5:1,000. In

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• Ofttimes physician and health care critic, Lee Iacocca,

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[)osition of the best exponent of surgery in this country. This issue contains

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Agencies, including the Guard and Reserve Forces. For information contact: Captair 1

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theria bacilli may overgrow everything else, although in the actual illness they may

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of the fifth pair, while the flavour of bodies is no longer perceived. Now, as

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been stolen, and Mr. Moore's neat little work maybe looked upon (let us

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practicable, should be raised in temperature to a degree equal, at

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(over 135 stores). Farmers' Markets. Good housing, transporta-

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a mistaken diagnosis. He would call it headache fever,

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in my own work. In the gynecological dispensary in Richmond

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hitherto had been possible, the condition of the gastric

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and the same still maintain their place in all the subsequent editions of

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