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and ketones, the fatty acids, ethers, amino-acids, and

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amined. The latter was cut at two different levels —

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irresistible. According to the observations of many of these,

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Heredity. Heredity plays a very important role in the disease, and the

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Robinson was to be congratulated on the indications

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obstacle, offered by the enlarged spleen and liver. Several well marked cases of dropsy

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the application of the protective dressing to the wound

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birth of the patient, and that embracing the whole life; and it

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Health heard of her arrival and requested a medical

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Case III. — Mrs. P , aged thirty-five, married, en-

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after the first operation, he placed a ligature on the vertebral artery in the

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others profitably." (It is a case of " physician, heal thyself,"

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guilty indicates that he himself anticipates no escape

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speak of the tuberculous form, which is often spoken

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however, was by no means what had been anticipated of them, and

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dermatological research laboratory, which contains 53 per cent

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remarkably rapid and satisfactory results. The tumors subsided

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for iodism, which appeared in March, 1899. She had been

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operations performed in general surgery, gynecology and

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devoted to it ; councils and commissions of men of science are established

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can be obtained from the Medical Council or from the Dean of any

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of stiffness of the fingers of the right hand; later, of pain along the inner surface of the

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diseases seated in the solids, and this will be found to be the case. An-

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parox3'sms take place. In the quartan tyixj the inter\-al is about sevent^'-

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ical extractors, trephining, injections. Prevention, newly turned furrow,

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bandage. But, instead of the rubber-tubing, a Petit's tourniquet and roller-

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short-winded that the least exercise will fatigue him like a ten-mile

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of disease within the thorax has been found to give rise. Nor do

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