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bent body, and the dead body presumably still more,

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Dr. Geikie, representative of Trinity Medical College, Dr. Thor-

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[Here follows an account of how the young people in

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uterus, external genitals, and mammae, the degree and rate of atrophy,

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E. Beers. Mr. Russell himself came in for a few minutes and

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The staff consists of two surgeons, one or other of whom

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Mix and divide into eight powders. One powder to be adminis-

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1810, there occurs the following paragraph: "Angina maligna and

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vertex. He found that there was an internal as well as an

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that we are constantly meeting with so formidable a

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the tubercle bacilli appear as dark violet rods, with all other bodies brown,

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The soldier, in the present day, ought to be landed in India in per-

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of the patient's serum. With this method, 18 observations have

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causes. Weak children are particularly liable. Typhoid fever

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self passed a needle in the place designated, first using an

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a great number of febrile affections, and especially acute

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ing officers were elected: Dr. Bennetta D. Title w, president;

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into the diseased joints of a solution of acid calcium

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into the field of medical practice than did Doct. Peirson.

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reflex excitability, by disorder of the intellectual, emotional, and other

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free exudation in general affords a certain degree of relief to the

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they appeared more the victims of disease than of the sword of

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and the needle to 3, there are thirty milli-amperes ; if the switch points

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often found a perityphlitic abscess six or seven days old devel-

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They describe their method of taking care of rubber gloves

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useful. Perfect cleanliness of the person, the bed and body clothes,

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than in those forests lying parallel to La Paz, in which it is now

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as low as 500 per c.mm. Normal values may be found, but an analysis

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stomach and eructations of gas. In the absence of posi-

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there are some others which up to now do not respond so well to

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assignment to duty. — Par. 7, .S'. O. 211, A. G. U., Sept. 14, 1883.

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cal student. The Council wishes students to complete

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