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I submit to have shown — 1. That it is an error to assume that
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experiences a great increase of pain in the eye. This will
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ment of the uterus and its contents are pressed upwards about
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Idem. " Seconde serie d'observations relatives i\ la sensibilite du cobaye au virus exanthe-
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the peritoneal cavity. Forceps are passed through this
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across, and landed at Wady Muhariwat, on the south-western
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after the subsidence of the febrile symptoms ; or it may
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KiDD. — On Xovember 29, at 10, Westbonme-park-terrace, the wife of
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ciation and of its Sections any and every item which in
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encouraging. A monolocular hydatid, or fluid tumor, is re-
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From the report of the Superintendent it appears that
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removed and the patient made an uneventful recovery.
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pose of making a further investigation of the subject.
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sion, while the depraved appetite triumphs in its accomplish-
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to establish the etiology of a case. In some instances
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gonorrhoea, or an abscess, is a leucocytosis, inasmuch as there is a formation of
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afterward he was obliged to dilate the part with tents of soap,
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flatness, although the latter condition is always suggestive of pleural
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pleuro-pneumonia is not unfrequently complicated. The disease
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former, menstruation is not often found after the age of forty :
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months. Fell down stairs; 2 months later loss of sensation and
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ever madt' the slij^hti-nt |)ul)lic nllusion to it. Hut if
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2^tli. — Treatment still continued; pressure moderated so as to be borne three
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had given him very great satisfaction. The application of the knife for the
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posed principally of fat. with here and there a -inns
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to fire a gun until the Centurion had arrived within pistolshot of the
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March 23d. Is slowly improving. Suppuration continues in both
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muscle induces degenerations in the latter. Kronecker found that oodusion

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