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with the old fashioned rolling pin is a better painter of checks than

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The different species of musical style and composition, are dif-

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Pathology. — 'There may be syphilis of the convexity, or of the base,

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some defect crave abnormally the excitation which al-

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present. The delusion may be sometimes traced to a peculiar taste in the

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study so intimately associated with the welfare of our female seminaries,

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contagion, have been proved, or even rendered very probable, by-

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ogy). Sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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in a doubtful case. Nausea is next in importance. It begins, as a rule,

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the lean meat (muscular fiber), and that, where a large proportion of

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the bone forwards and inwards, and held it in the abnormal position. Mr.

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shows the greatest number. These statistics may be partially explained

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the drainage through the ducts from the islands of mucous mem-

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any streptococcus; it then had daily injections for three days with persisting

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humanity. Whatever the nationality of the individual,

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A physician loses a great opportunity not only to en-

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regarded the onset of such symptoms in his experimental animals as

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Boyd, Karsner, Smith and Gault, MacCallum, Bell, Kaurmann; Surg cal, Boyd, McFar-

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reaction is used instead of the induction coil, accidents will not

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by measles or whooping-cough, as shown in the les.sened fatality rates

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Repr.from: Bull. Acad. roy. d. so. de Belg., Brnx.,

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^Amoss, H. L., Taylor, H. D., and Witherbee, W. D., /. Exp. Med., 1919,

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2801 Parklawn Dr.. #300 „ J . 1110 N Classen, #205

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60 per cent decide to go to the native practitioners. Almost all

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sons, e.g.. cancer, nephritis, orcirrhosis, yet in the majority

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greatly simplified, and their nature better understood. With-

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the diphtheria bacillus they found straight bacilli of

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quantities of meat and bread. The money which he earned scarcely served to feed him,

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was the passing of the following resolution by unanimous vote, there

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the true disease. Hunter also regards it as a "special disease both

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was found tliat the practice of the ho,<.pital for animals was

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time; that the inflammation is always confined in the first in-

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dently congenital. It was interesting to note that in both

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and capable man. He was a member of the American Institute of Homoeopathy,

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