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tainly would not take a very large number of real con-
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moderate dulness extends more than half an inch to the right of the
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tables and may be able to find the information he requires con-
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hyaloid aitery attached to the crvstalline lens; anses-
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communication of disease from one organ to another, or to the system.
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midable appearance was due to liEemorrhage into the affected
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lysi proilroinns. viii (1 1.), 11-68, vi pp., 5 pi.
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Cesarean section and at the same time relegates embry-
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I saw the child, on December loth, it was at once de-
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in the lungs by air contact is pure and of a bright red color.
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corresponding to that seen in Fig. 10, immediately preceding
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Physiology studies the operations which go on in the healthy organism.
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Mr. Herbert insisted that the punishment might be dis-
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Stricture of the ducts causing permanent jaundice; or
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no more satisfactory, though the incision in the urethra
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importance ; for any increase of general venous pressure, by impeding
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Another sign in this case was one which has been mentioned of
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' Ueber Entziindimg und Eitemng (On InPamination^ and Suppiu-ation) ;
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waukee) stated that in a large series of myomectomies reported
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of the internal ovarian with the uterine artery it seems
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2 - 5 to 20 per cent. Dr. Aldersmith, who first drew attention to the
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the Author that another edition has been already called for.
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as occasional causes we may mention menstrual troubles, disturbances of the
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Case I. — M. B., aged five years, had been treated for sub-
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since minor alterations of fluid and electrolyte balance may precipitate hepatic coma Sensi-
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the average height, no one felt as if he were little
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In thrombosis the symptoms are similar to embolism, but they
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every assurance of success. One thing is certain : tuberculosis is an
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antimony and saline draughts, some of the salts of opium or
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republic as under a monarchy or a despotism. " Landlords,"
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The Harvard School was opened in conjunction with St. John's
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t^^pical transient acute inflammation of joints, especially
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tions noted in the paragraphs immediately below. 18
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three cases where there were only two or three spots on the tonsil, and

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