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kidneys may be developed and end favorably by resolution without sup-
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ascertain the cause of it. From all that we could gather,
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three days, when she " miscarried." The miscarriage
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offer is separate and distinct, and if you want either one, cut it out of the
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matory softening, and some of the cases show that rupture of the heart may
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In many cases the ei/es suffer. The affection most commonly observed is
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The first to emerge from the undifferentiated scholasticism of
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first attack, notwithstanding that there was extreme collapse, the ther-
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References. — ' " Berl. klin. Woch.," Jan. ii, 1897; ^" Inter.
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cautions whatever while treating erysipelas or scarlatina.
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which have existed for the teaching of practical mid-
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fascia were brought together with a running suture of cat-
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price ^i, I2S. net), after an interval of about eight years, does not
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samples will be distributed. Mr. B. M. Cahill will be in
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nave no hesitation in saving that, could the dental profession have but one of the text-hooks
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I wondered whether this condition might not often have been
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zucht, Miinchen, v. 49 (8), 21. Feb., pp. 122-123. [^V^ W°^.]
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this is not a necessary consequence. 3. Arsenious acid is
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the placenta, which was found to be firmly adherent. The
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the site of the great vessels. Furthermore, this dis-
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modes of treatment required. A special point was made of the best method
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provided that only reputable practitioners of medicine were to receive
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uterus. Ventral fixation is applicable only when the patient
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and the best in the other at 80°, than if these merid-
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times a week — viz., on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The
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dendus est ut quod de eo facere voluerint habeant potesta-
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12 Dr. Churchill's Researches on Instrumental Delivery.
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occasioned a vicarious emphysema in the anterior and lower part of the
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taneous syphiUde, and to chronic eczema of the extremi-
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Hare ; they also appointed Mr. Sidney Ringer to the
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which disease more or lets complete, has occurred i
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ment is announced of Sir Archibald E. Garrod, K.C.M.G., M.D.,
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important, the most conclusive, and the most difficult point to
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necessary for the excretory processes, which cannot be too highly valued.
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bellum; pain was not manifested, or the perceptive faculties and
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