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may be due to pneumonia. Head-retraction which is variable or tran-
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previously ascertained and noted) capable of containing about 500 grains of
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cerebro-spinal fluid, all point to encephalitis. The optic
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lias advanced to the second stage, the patient is generally aware for a few
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. Pressing downward towards the eyes. Geist. 258, 386.
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the clearest and simplest manner that to permit such irregularities in death
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world over, and is useful in disseminating information;
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" paddle " with the hind feet, and has a wild, excited countenance ; the animal
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in good health. He returned to school, but by the stimulus
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can complete the additional operation in " twenty min-
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Dugan's, in a man having several hundred. This man died of inter-
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Hystero-epilepsy and hysteria have not seemed to me much
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effectiveness. Results of a recently published sleep
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milk at a low temperature. I believe that 75 per cent of our supply
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negative cases half died and half recovered. In this series probably the
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>;ir^;i-un< ■-huuld .il\a\- antic ipate tlic pre-rnif ut tlif-c turciun hudii'-
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the eruption never re-appears, but more frequently it recurs the fol-
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this heart-failure, you may during the first part of the second stage of
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ment and induration of the spleen are familiar phenomena. As the
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Glasgow University, both in science and medicine, and has for
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I therefore set about to ascertain the wave length of the rays
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by favoring the flow of blood from the seat of congestion is often
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the uterus be so oblique as to throw the fundus far over to the right
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rhoea would be, how to destroy these organisms without at the same time injuring
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monitory symptoms. A previously healthy man of middle age retires
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the man receives a shower bath of hot water and soap. He receives a
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stomach, but general interest was first aroused by the
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chloroform are dropped over the specimen, and the covering-
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base of the sinus. There was an extensive dissemina-
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Clinical Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women in the
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