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to the etliciency of troops in active service, it would seem to be desirable

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(charts Nos. 12 and 13) are of much more frequent occurrence; the

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und Therapie, Vienna and Leipsic, 2nd edition, 1912, xviii.

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is weighed, the difference indicating the weight of the blood. The

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tered in such a form that it will not be acted upon

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means of fomentations and stimulating embrocations or rubefacients, may be

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size of the hospitals, he mentioned that some of the

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nosis or with the improbability that ten cubic centimetres of

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equivocal evidence of the fact, because similar ap-

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exhaustion, or lastly as a result of secondary diseases and complications,

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with much precifion and ingenuity. Neither Mr Cooper, how-

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fleas it is further very necessary that all fleas should be

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well as some knowledge of the conditions of previous work done in the county.

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IIeizmann, C. L., Assistant Surgeon. — Leave of absence

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present, need neither be embarrassing to the Surgeon nor fuli

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reason to think that the case would terminate favorablj'.

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appearance presented by neuroglia tissue as seen in sections varying in thick-

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the opportunities of motherhood owing to the rather ruthless

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The prize contest which this well-known firm announces will no doubt attract

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lesions of the central nervous system commonly fail to

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in a collected form, and it would take up several pages to go over

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slight change was continued two weeks ; but, as it was a mere

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carried out with sufficient perseverance, that the rules were not

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uniform success, failure in any case being due not to any fault

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It is well known that great numbers of our sick and wounded were

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travelling over Cornwall and Devon with the tube in situ. He could take

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to show that the tonsils become infected directly by the

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intestinal absorption, the iodin reaction may be expected to appear in the saliva and

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L, 1693, and finished in 1769. Emperor Francis I. made an addition to the

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useful remedy. Cleansing the eyes three times a day

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course of two or, at the most, three days. During the

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followed by acute prostatitis, and much vesical irrita-

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