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being able to do something for what I thought might be a

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trichinae in the muscles. Certain of the muscles become contracted, in

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there will cease to go out from that segment a series of

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and in some of them a still more curious condition wa:;

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the big toe, should be elevated, and wrapped in thick layers of raw cotton

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of clear serum, and upon its surface covering the heart it pre-

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of the adipose tissue, there would be very little en-

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The right cannula remaining dry, it was reinserted nearer the

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tumors of the mesentery may be classed as follows :

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the time is rapidly approaching when the physician shall be as

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phthalein eliminated from day to day following the production of a

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died, while he saw a number who had recovered without operation,

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by no means always present, and which may readily cicatrize. More or less pig-

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and enlargement of the secreting-cells. Treatment by band-

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and dysphagia, disappeared ; the occasional hasmoptysis

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were not severe, and therefore it did not demand immediate

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I was able to get about four drops of yellowish secretion.

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this time the voice had been very piping.. He had been

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found it ww supposed that the bones were those of a dog, but their human

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right lower kmg border descends freely from the sixth rib ;

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By B^clard's method the operation may be done in fifteen seconds as easily

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annual meetings of the general Society, and we are sure that a renew-

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4. Wash off with absolute alcohol, applied until no more

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blood that is brought from the substance of the brain. These

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corded in the Med. Rep. vol. I. p. 524. and also in

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by reason of the local inflammation it excites. There is a point at which it ceases to be

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the urinary passages from the urea, or, after voiding the urine, from bac-

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external tract leave the tract either to pass into the postero-

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Avithout additional labor. The original is left with the farmer for

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accompanied by a letter stating that he felt " much

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