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rhage in the eye the foreign body may be seen in the anterior chamber,

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or crystals. Migula suggests that bacteriopurpurin and the green

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gave negative results, as there was no apparent laryn-

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speech is remarkable. In some oases the patient simply hesitates a Uttle ;

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destined to find its way, sooner or later, into the various medical works published

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Mr. Munro's experience of the use of chloral hydrate, as indicated in the

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clouded sky, mild and even warmth, and gentle winds^

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' P"""- !■■' '■■■'■I'l' I .;'..ll \ I.'..'x ll, .11,1. 1,1 ,. 1,11, III. I,,., ,,,^.

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present year. In this matter it is yet too early to speak with authority.

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for tome yean pail been subject t<> pain in, and swelling of, the joints. Eighteen

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commencing heart disease, albuminoids with a diminished

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Further, to determine what current practices in their

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Simpson adopts in this controversy would lead to. It appears to us that,

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Acarus scabiei, of some of the primula species, and of iodo-

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Brothers & Co. 1902. pp. 521. Price, cloth, $5.00 net ;

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degrees and diplomas without any appeal to the decision of

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firmatory, Mr. Jackson, with the consent of the patient,

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The above examples of asymmetry of the nasal chambere at the choanse (the

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Another very important point, which our studies have brought

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their appearance as a deposit, determined by a deficiency of

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brought not only the members of the Faculty of his Alma

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The benefit derived from a lax state of the bowels in this

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and for the reason, to my mind, of being irrational, I

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cation was useless without the powers of compulsory re-

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Injections, Alcoholic, io Uterine Hemorrhage . 5.59

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well observed case, where all sources of fallacy are

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