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Zestoretic 20

NODUS ENKE'PHALI. A designation of the po?is Varolii, or

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pointed out that in Minnesota and in Illinois plans had

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Elephantiasis Graicorum. True Leprosy.” European leprosy, a chronic

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ly, to point out that the methods used in this state

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20 mg lisinopril

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lisinopril 20 mg used for

ration for .artificial pupil, differing from iridectomedialysis in this par-

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SPECTRUM-ANALYSIS. a method of detecting the existence of

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I of the body. Here the preposition did denotes separation, .and so

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Since the time of the Arabians, the term has been used by many to

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the present arrangement, and because of this the cus-

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lisinopril hctz 10 mg side effects

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I many mineral substances of exhibiting two or more distinct colours

lisinopril used for angina

lera, of Mr. Curtis; it is said to be a corruption of mordezym, the

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2. Cadet' s fuming liquor. A liquid obtained by the dry distillation

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give rise to acute abdominal symptoms and have par-

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STAKTO'METER (o-Ta/cTo's, dropping, fitTpov, a measure).

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body, without any trace of intestinal can.al. They comprise the genera

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conveys an incorrect idea. “ It should,” he says, “ be simply cere-

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masses of altered sebaceous substance acquire by growth the form,

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ABARTICULA'TIO {gb, and articulus, a joint). A species of

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produced upon various parts of plants, and extremely variable in figure.

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A small suction pump with a spring-returned plunger and

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2. Fulminating silver. An e.vplosive substance, formed of oxide of

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BO'RAX (baurach, Arab.). Sodm bdioras ; sodium anhydroborafe.

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describing some microscopical observations on striped muscular tissue.

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disease.” Renes midtifidi denotes lobulated kidney; renes mohiles

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and the preceding term arc svnonynious. Sec Refroversio.

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